Trivia Wednesdays — Happy Hour Thursdays

Whats on Tap?

Taster- $2.50 Half Pour- $4 Full Pour- $7

Kiwi Herman — Raspberry Kiwi Seltzer 5.2% ABV

Weird Science — Experimental Lager 7% ABV

McKelvin Cypress Reserve — Irish Red Ale 4.71% ABV

On The Fly — Chinook Hop Brown Ale 6.0% ABV

Stout — Dry Irish Stout 5.75% ABV

IPA — Colorado Style IPA 5.16% ABV

Hefeweizen — German Style Wheat Ale 5.61% ABV

Pilsner — German Style Pilsner 5.2% ABV

Specialty Beers:

Taster- $2.50 Half Pour- $5 Full Pour- $8

Nordic Haze — Hazy IPA 6.66% ABV

Vaccaro’s Cannoli Stout — Pastry Stout 8.5% ABV

Lupulin Comet — Double IPA 9.8% ABV

Cow Lick — Salted Caramel Milk Stout (nitro/draft only) 6.1% ABV -*contains lactose

Flights of 4- $10

*Please close your tab at the end of your visit. All walkouts will be charged 20% gratuity to the credit card on file.

To- Go Beer

Six Packs:

1623 Stout- $12

1623 Pilsner- $12

1623 Hefeweizen- $12

1623 IPA- $12

On The Fly- $12

McKelvin Cypress- $13

Four Packs:

Nordic Haze- $15

Lupulin Comet- $15


Please ask your beer tender which beers you can get in a crowler!


New Wave Sparkling Sodas- $2 (apple, tangerine & mango)

Classic Coca-cola- $3


Route 11 Chips- $1.25

Asiago Cheese Snack Tray- $5

Fontina Cheese Snack Tray- $5

(*snack trays contain meat)

2019-12-22 16:54:15.823.JPG

Pouring Now (August 20th, 2020)

Lupulin Comet - Double IPA. Brewer experimentation at its finest. Zero whole leaf hops. Zero pelletized hops. With that said, we delivered a beautifully balanced hoppy double with hop oil, hop hash and cryogenically frozen and powdered hops. 9.8% ABV

Nordic Haze - Hazy IPA. The latest in our Kviek series. The Norwegian Farmhouse Yeast combined with the Australian Galxy hops has turned an incredibly vibrant, layered hazy. All the citrus on the nose with that beautiful hop balance on the finish. This is a hazy BEER. Hazy IPA 6.66% ABV

Kiwi Herman - Raspberry Kiwi Seltzer. Nearly 600 pounds of fruit headlined by Raspberry and highlighted by Kiwi. Seltzers are a love/hate relationship for brewers. This one shows the love. 5.2% ABV

Märzen — Oktoberfest. This beautiful pair of Vienna and Munich malts delivers a full- bodied amber lager that will transcend you to the beer halls of Bavaria. You won’t need lederhosen to enjoy the intense malty- sweetness of our Märzen with hints of honey, almonds and hazelnuts with muted clean hop bitterness. 6.74% ABV

On The Fly — Chinook Hop Brown Ale. This soft smooth Brown Ale delivers the rich dark color of its English predecessor, while sending forward notes of caramel, nuts with the oh so subtle hint of coffee. This brown ale gives you all the nuance of a day wading along the shore for that perfect strike. 6.0% ABV

Weird Science - Experimental Lager - Experimental because the layering process should take 56 days. This first timer turned in 18 and settled in at 21. We are proud of this crisp, clean and lite lager. 7% ABV

Cow Lick - Salted Caramel Milk Stout (nitro/draft only). Our first Nitro stout. Had some fun with real caramel and Sea Salt to bring you this lactose infused stout. Silky smooth with the roasty backbone of a stout, with that smooth sweet finish. 6.1% ABV

McKelvin Cypress Reserve - Irish Red Ale. Grain from Ireland, trees from Georgia, and made in Maryland. Combined to create a Red Irish Ale fermented on cypress wood spirals. 4.71% ABV


1623 IPA - Colorado Style IPA - The first beer we ever produced. Balanced citrus, bitterness and malty finish. Filtered to perfect clarity. 5.16% ABV

1623 Hefeweizen - German Style Wheat Ale - The workhorse of the family. True to style and tradition. Banana and clove esters. 5.61% ABV

1623 Stout - Dry Irish Stout - Stouts are meant to be year-round. We deliver it everyday. True to style and well-balanced. 5.75% ABV

1623 Pilsner - German Style Pilsner - Most underrated, over-achieving member of the family. If you’re not drinking - you’re missing out. 5.2% ABV